Bounce Back from Burnout

Stop Burnout in its Tracks! An Online Course for Academics 

Academic? Burned-out?

Confused as to how you can bounce back from burnout and
(re)find your motivation, productivity, and balance?

You're in the right place!
Join my four-week online course "Bounce Back from Burnout"!

For whom is this course?

This online course is ideal for academics who have
LOST their energy, zest for life and work, clarity, and passion.

It is equally applicable for junior or senior academics.

This course runs for 4 weeks from
Sunday 13 November until Friday 9 December 2022.

Why join this course?

By the end of our four weeks together, you will know:

  • WHERE you stand on the burnout spectrum
  • the real reasons WHY you are burned-out
  • HOW you can bounce back from burnout
  • WHAT you actually need

How much time will this course take?

It will probably take around 2 hours per week for you to complete all of the course
material - including the lessons, exercises, and coaching calls.  

How will the course unfold?

Here's what you will get:

  • Bite-sized content every Sunday
  • Actionable and implementation-oriented lessons
  • Weekly Q&A and Coaching session every Wednesday
  • Community forum to ask questions (third party website)
  • Solidarity with other participants
  • Endless inspiration and insight
  • Possibility to follow the content anonymously*

    * The group experience is recommended but I understand that some academics prefer to stay anonymous.


from previous participants

The instructor is amazing. The course is thoroughly developed and doesn’t overwhelm you, yet it stimulates your thinking leading to self-awareness and, even more importantly, showing the way to self compassion.
The course provided so much helpful information about identifying burnout and its causes. Such an eye-opening process!! There were plenty of opportunties to reflect and think about how some of the 'generic' information is applicable to me and my experiences. I have learnt so much about myself and I feel very empowered to move forward and look after myself, for myself and not for purposes of being productive or proving my worth!

Assistant Professor

BBfB concentrates on explaining thoroughly the mechanisms and reasons that lead to a burnout. Through lectures and exercises, one gains an understanding of why at the first place they are burnt out, how bad is the situation, and eventually, how to begin the process of recovery.


The course is not a quick-fix and that's good because it took us a long time to get to this level of burnout. It's not about a checklist, it's a lifestyle change. The course starts you on your journey toward making gradual changes to the way you work. What I like is that it not only focuses on your responsibility but recognises the issues we face in work and asks if our values and goals simply need to be met by staying in our current job... or can they be met elsewhere. There is a taking stock of where you've come from to where you are that should lead to empowerment.
Researcher & Consultant
This course was a game changer! I've overcome burnout in the past, but I never fully understood the mechanisms behind it - and I relapsed when I returned to my lecturer job. Özgün not only knows her stuff, she also helps others in a non-judgmental, and often funny way. The videos are to the point, easy to follow, and never overwhelming. I watched them several times to really let it sink in - there were so many insights! If you think you might be burned out, or you want to learn self-care techniques before you even reach this point, sign-up immediately. I only wish I had known Özgün two years ago - it would have saved me a lot of misery. I've recommended Özgün to many of my former academic colleagues already, and if you can snatch up a place in this program, you're very lucky!
Dr. Nicole Janz

Writer & Coach

Bounce Back from Burnout was an excellent course and programme and I am so glad I participated in it. I encourage you to take part also, if you feel like you need help or if you feel like you're drowning. Özgün is gentle and kind and encouraging, but doesn't enable or patronise. She calls you out on your bad habits and on your negative self talk but will never belittle you or make you feel less than while doing so. She created a community that reflected this as well, as that was the interaction I experienced with everyone else who took part in it also. The course helped me internalise and understand a lot of my own insecurities and fears around feeling inadequate in academia, and helped me see that my lack of motivation and energy is not because I'm a bad academic but because I am fatigued and unwell, and horribly burnt out. It helped me address my guilt and shame around this. Bounce Back from Burnout will not be a 'cure' or a magic trick to help you suddenly write that paper in a day. But it will help you build the tools you need to address why you haven't been able to write that paper in the first place.

PhD student

The course provided so much helpful information about identifying burnout and its causes. Such an eye-opening process!! There were plenty of opportunIties to reflect and think about how some of the 'generic' information is applicable to me and my experiences. I have learnt so much about myself and I feel very empowered to move forward and look after myself, for myself and not for purposes of being productive or proving my worth!
- bitesize weekly content that can be worked through at your own pace
- a wide range of relatable examples that helped me to identify (and validate) my own experiences and what was at the route of how I was feeling
- exercises that really helped to focus on what is important and how to work towards achieving this
- confidence! I feel so much more confident and empowered to be able to set boundaries
- a safe space for people to share how they feel. It's been great to know I'm not alone in feeling burnt out


You need to be ready to make the most out of it. You will get from it what you give. You will not find a fast and easy answer. But if you are ready, then this course will absolutely provide you with the tools to start your personal journey to recovery. The most important thing the course has done is to encourage the right mindset for mental health and make that sink. The safe space the course provides is crucial, Ozgun is authentic and her being middle eastern makes me feel she understands our side of it too (assuming I'm explaining this to an Iranian friend ;))


I can totally recommend this course. The facilitator has a profound knowledge and explains everything in an easy way. I did a big step forward in dealing with burnout. Thanks a lot.
It is an experience that helps you change your perspective entirely, feel open, feel supported, feel entitled to ask for support. 

PhD student

I highly suggest participating in this course. The activities are short and easy to complete and will allow you to realize where you are at, so that you can work through your burnout and eventually recover.

Assistant Professor

I highly recommend this course because it is broken up into bite-sized bits of information that you can review and digest at your own pace. The information that I learned was not always new to me but it was invaluable because it was introduced in new ways. The content is is highly relevant and useful for those of use who have managed to survive in the academy by overachieving, being good helpers, and putting ourselves last. I appreciated the experiences shared, the honest, first hand examples of how the burnout plays out, and the space and support to not only develop my self-awareness but my self-compassion.
This course will prompt you to think about your life, career, and the balance between the two. You will get out of it what you are willing to put in, but you must go into each week willing to be honest with yourself. At the end of the course you might even see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you'll also know that it's going to take time to reach that light. This is no quick fix - but that's not what it is meant to be. It took a long time to burnout; there's no easy way out, but this course will help you to illuminate the path.


I would encourage everyone to do the course. It does take time so I would encourage them to do it at a point when they have a little flexibility in their schedule and have enough bandwidth to devote themselves to the assignments. When you genuinely do the assignments, they lead you through growing realizations about your own thoughts and thought patterns, to a point when you can then look back at what you've learned/realized with a good framework to move forward, trying to be healthier and more whole.


It has been a really essential period to take specific chunks of time each week to reflect on and realised fully what's been happening in the preceding 18 months. It's shifted my mindset very profoundly. And rather than just thinking generically that my exhaustion is related to the plague and to my current role (they are but...), it's given me time and space to think about very specific changes I want and need to make. I have a very clear plan. And even if I can't secure all of the elements of that plan, I know there is enough in there to make a real difference.
Melanie Simms
It gave me perspective I had not considered (or had only touched on) previously; and I am a person who has been in weekly therapy for over a year related to a breakdown. It addresses different elements to what my therapy does- with my counselor I discuss the psychological background and instincts which contribute to my choices but in this course, I was able to dig more deeply into the choices and actions themselves. Kind of a deep dive into the process of burning out and shifting those practices.


Özgün clearly knows a lot about burn out and can help you take the first steps towards identifing why you are burned out and how to bounce back. By the end of the course you will have your journal filled with ideas to get out of stress and overwhelm. And you will have a new outlook on your worklife.

Associate Professor

BBfB will show you there are no easy tricks to recover quickly from burnout, rather you need to understand yourself and how you got there and understand that to stop perpetuating this cycle, you need to change how you react to them. I can be a victim of circumstances, but that does not mean I will take the punishment, rather it is only my response that can empower me and help break the cycle. You will learn about yourself, you will learn about setting boundaries and taking care of yourself. Only then can you recover from burnout.
Assistant Professor
This course is so invaluable because one got to be a part of a community of global thinkers and teachers that were brought together by our need for community when facing the uphill task of trying to prevent or come back from professional burnout.  Hearing other people's stories and even academic traumas helped me to not feel so alone or so hopeless in my own situation. It is true that sometimes you can't understand how dysfunctional you sound when talking about work place problems until you hear a stranger say something very similar and then the light turns on ... and you have that aahhh-ha ! moment. 


The course was well paced and because of all that was covered I will be able to apply much of the advice and skills that were transferred to the class in practical ways in my own life. It was like reading an amazing, life-changing self help book, except much more potent and powerful because we were receiving weekly guidance and having interactions with the author -- rather than a passive absorbing of good advice, we were participating in and saying or typing in experiences, questions, advice and revelations as we went. I will be able to keep pondering and learning form much of what was shared and discussed in the course.

Artist & Professor

I think the course is well constructed, it leads you from self assesment of where you are to where you can be and what steps you may want to take. I think the nice part of experience was that we had a group to share thought with. Although I didn't participate in discussion (a personal preference of not being too open publicly about my feelings with people I don't know) the idea of seeing that much more people has similar problem and feels the same makes me realized I'm not alone and I'm not the only crazy person who feels tired and burned out in academia. There is more of us. 
PhD student
I highly recommend Ozgun’s program. While some steps might seem tedious as you proceed though them, if you *actually do* the activities and exercises that she suggests each day, you will have very clear “aha moments” and revelations throughout. The program is flexible, you can share as much as you want, or mull over your thoughts in privacy. In doing these activities, I got a confirmation on my path forward, and realized that my burnout came in large part from actually feeling off track, or off-purpose in what I had wanted (and instead I was sort of just following a track because I was “supposed” to want it). This is hard and sad, but deeply affirming. Ozgun emphasizes that we cannot just “bounce back into” the burnout conditions. Rather, she wants us to excavate the underlying causes.


I was in a state of freeze and flight at the same time. No energy, and no motivation. This course made me set aside time to think about my situation, identify it as burn out (along with some other issues), and reflect on what I want out of life. Without the course I might have kept pushing on to breaking point. Now I have set aside time each week for reflection and for me.

Artist & Associate Professor